About us

enFink.org.uk serves as the digital archive of the Fink family history and the evolution of our business enterprises across generations. As the Fink family, we cherish a rich legacy of entrepreneurship and business acumen that dates back generations. This website is our platform to share this remarkable journey with you.

Our family tree spans multiple generations and continents, and we have proudly engaged in diverse business ventures. From humble beginnings to thriving enterprises today, we have always strived for innovation and excellence.

On this website, you can explore our family tree and discover how the Fink family has been involved in various industries and sectors over the years. From the inception of our very first enterprise to the latest ventures, each chapter in our history contributes to the unique story of the Fink family.

We believe in sharing our experiences and preserving our history for future generations. Fink.org.uk is a living archive where we not only document our own journey but also the lessons we’ve learned and the values we hold dear. It is a tribute to our ancestors, to those who have inspired us, and to those who will come after us.

We invite you to browse through our family tree, explore the various industries we’ve been involved in, and uncover the stories that have shaped us. We hope you’ll be inspired by our journey and that you’ll become a part of continuing the Fink family tradition of entrepreneurship and innovation. Together, we can write a new chapter in the captivating story of the Fink family history.